A location for family and friends

It is the ideal location for a family vacation or for a family or friend reunion. It is also ideal for couples wanting to celebrate events or weddings surrounded by family and friends.
Please ask for tailored events and costs.
The courtyard and the stone fireplace lounge can accommodate inside dinners for up to 80 people and the olive orchard is ideal for night table setting with lanterns and candles lighting.
Great wedding parties have been organized on the site.

Non-Peak Season Bookings

In the high season, it is wonderful just to lounge by the pool, enjoying the heat, the sun, and the cicadas while sipping a cocktail in the refreshing water. The pool kitchen makes it easy to prepare light meals without having to go inside. At night it is nice to BBQ in the garden next to the fig tree or enjoy one of the many restaurants the surrounding area has to offer.
Nevertheless, San Lorenzo is full of charm regardless of the season. In fall, the trees change colour and grapes and olives are harvested—activities that you can watch and/or take part in. In fall and winter use of the fireplace makes staying in the guest house especially cozy. Of course, the heating system also works very well.

It is possible to cook and eat outside any time in the year thanks to the fireplace and BBQ in the garden. Due to its location, the climate is always quite nice in San Lorenzo. Even in winter, sunny days can be spent in the open air.
In spring, the temperature can be quite warm. It is a beautiful season in San Lorenzo, as all the trees and flowers are in bloom. At this time of year, the people of Collazzone pick wild asparagus. You can participate in this activity learning from the locals or you can just enjoy a good dish of pasta with wild asparagus sauce.
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