CARREFOUR: (Due Torri-Collepepe shopping center). Medium-sized supermarket in nearby Collepepe. Good section of deli and local bread. Order your bread at the counter with salt as traditional Umbrian bread is made without salt and can be bland. Carrefour’s butchery section is also highly recommended. (6 miles away – 10 minutes by car)


GALA: (Pantalla). Medium sized and well stocked supermarket. (3 miles away – 15 minutes by car)


EMI SUPERSTORE: (Ponte Rio) Just before entering the town of Ponte Rio on the right. Open from 9:00 to 20:30 Monday to Saturday and from 9:00 to 20:00 on Sundays. Limited trading hours on Italian holidays. (10 miles away – 20 minutes by car)

This is the only supermarket in the area open all day Sunday.

CONAD SUPERSTORE: (Deruta) Colored building immediately after the Deruta Nord exit of the E45 motorway. (10 miles away – 20 minutes by car)


GASTRONOMIA ANDREANI: (Collepepe) Via Perugina 72- 06050 Collepepe

Local deli run by the Andreani family with much care and love. They offer special local products slected personally by Antonio Andreani. Floriano, Antonio’s brother,the butcher,  helps in the store and Silvana, his wife, cooks very good food to take away.

It is certainly worth a visit i f just to meet a charming umbrian family in love with what they do. Be careful about the opening time. They are closed at luch time (usually from 1 to 5 pm) as all little stores do. (4 miles away – 10 minutes by car)

GROCERY IN COLLAZZONE: If you love small typical grocery stores this is one you should visit. It is located in Collazzone (10 minutes away walking distance).It does not really have a name but you won’t miss is the only store in Collazzone.  It has 2 entrances: one next to Bar Montecristo in the main square of the church and the other entrance is in front of the Comune di Collazzone (Municipality of Collazzone). They have basic stuff in case of last minutes needs and you do not wish to drive. However on top of fair quality basic pasta, bread, water, juices,  they usually have excellent cheese, prosciutto and a good assortement of salami. All from local producers.

Be careful about opening times. They are closed at lunch from 1 to 5. The owners are Sandro and Placidia (brother and sister).

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